Intraocular Lens implants to correct vision

Intraocular Lens implants to correct vision There are many procedures available to correct refractive errors, each suitable for different cases. Some are done by laser technology such as the femto lasik surgery in Egypt . Other methods such as intraocular lens implantation are suitable for...

LASIK surgery. What are its steps?

For the safe and effective correction of errors of refraction, careful examination and decision making for the type of surgery is important. In under 10 minutes, LASIK surgery can correct most cases of myopia, astigmatism and other errors, and can rid you of your glasses,...

عن الطبيب

أستاذ طب و جراحة العيون م. طب عين شمس أستشاري جراحات تصحيح عيوب الابصار و المياه البيضاء و القرنية عضو الجمعية الامريكية لعلاج العيون و تصحيح العيون بالليزر زميل المجلس العالمي لجراحة و طب العيون زميل الكلية الملكية لطب و جراحات العيون بأنجلترا

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A consultant specializing in corneal, cataract and Glaucoma Surgery and Refractive surgery in Egypt, Assistant Professor of Ophthalmology – Ain Shams University, Consultant cornea, cataract, and Glaucoma Surgery and Refractive Surgery, Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow, UK.

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