Eyelid rejuvenation and reconstruction surgery

Eyelid rejuvenation and reconstruction surgery

“the eye is the window to the soul.”. The beauty of your eyes  is just as important as your smile ,and because we are always looking for what makes our appearance more beautiful it is possible to tighten the affected eyelids for the better shape, beauty, and function of the eyelids.


Causes of sagging eyelids

The eyelid skin is the thinnest skin in our entire bodies, and it is one of the first places that loses its elasticity and strength  over time. This may cause the accumulation of skin layers and fat herniation in both upper and lower eyelids producing wrinkles from excess skin , and cause swelling from herniated orbital fat. These  cause  drooping and sagging of the eyelids giving a fatigued and much older appearance and may even obscure vision


What is eyelid lift for rejuvenation and reconstruction surgery

Eyelid lift is a simple procedure  carried out with the aim of improving the appearance of the eyelid. It can be done in one set of  eyelids or both sets with the purpose of correcting the problems that cause the dysfunction of the eyelid, swelling and sagging or droopy lids which add unnecessary years to your age, making you look older and constantly fatigued.

Eyelid surgery can address the following problems:

  • Wrinkles and sagging skin on the eyes that can cause vision disorder
  • Excess fat deposits that cause eyelids to bulge and swell
  • Excess skin in the eyelids 

Types of eyelid lift

  • Upper eyelid lift
  • Lower eyelid lift
  • Four lid surgery
  • Surgery to tighten the eyelids
  • Laser eyelid lift
  • Blepharoplasty surgery, which is used to treat swollen eye bags and eyelids.

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