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Holistic visual vision

What is the laser vision correction process

They are simple surgical procedures to get rid of eyeglasses and contact lenses, in which lasers are used in different ways and many techniques to reshape the cornea and correct vision defects such as: nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism.

femto lasik

It is used to treat various visual defects without the need for sharp surgical tools and instead uses laser beams to lift a crust from the cornea and then reshape the corneal tissue using an Excimer laser

femto smile

It is considered the latest technology in the world of laser vision correction, as it does not need to lift the crust from the cornea, and the required tissue is extracted using a femto laser

Cataract and glaucoma surgeries

The surgical procedure to treat the problem of cataract or glaucoma, and often both are done separately, but they can be combined when they both occur at the same time.


A cataract is a cloudy area in the lens of the eye that leads to a decrease in vision. Cataracts often develop slowly and can affect one or both eyes. Symptoms may include faded colors, blurry or double vision, halos around light, trouble with bright lights, and trouble seeing at night. This may result in trouble driving, reading, or recognizing faces. Poor vision caused by cataracts may also result in an increased risk of falling and depression. Cataracts cause half of all cases of blindness and 33% of visual impairment worldwide.

Glaucoma surgeries

Glaucoma, a condition that affects the optic nerve as a result of high eye pressure and may lead to damage and loss of vision, and is treated by laser glaucoma surgery, or drainage of eye fluids in more serious cases.

Corneal surgeries

Corneal surgeries aim to treat corneal weakness, thinning and opacity, which leads to refractive disorders, especially in patients with keratoconus and corneal ulcers, as these cases lead to a significant deterioration and poor vision in the patient.

Corneal transplant

It aims to treat cases of corneal thinning, scarring, corneal ulcers, and also keratoconus, in which the damaged cornea or part of it is replaced (layer grafting) with tissue from a donor cornea, which helps restore and significantly improve vision.

Corneal ring transplant

It is a surgical procedure to treat patients with keratoconus and some cases of myopia, by implanting rings using femto-laser technology in the middle layer of the cornea to correct the damage, giving the patient a clearer vision.

Eyelid rejuvenation and rejuvenation

This procedure aims to improve the shape of the eye by removing the excess skin and fatty deposits that form with age around the eyelid, and tightening the eyelid for a more youthful appearance.


A surgical procedure to beautify and tighten the eyelids, get rid of excess sagging skin, and restore the bright appearance of the eye. The upper or lower eyelids or both may be beautified together, depending on the patient’s condition.

Laser eyelid surgery, Botox and filler injections

It is considered an alternative procedure to traditional blepharoplasty surgeries, through which the eyelids are beautified and tightened by injecting certain substances into the different layers of the skin.

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